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Bronze Mythical Figurine and Statue Sculptures

Bronze mythical figurines and mythical statues - Mythical, fabled and legendary characters including Thai Kinnaree, Centaur, Pegasus and a mythical winged lady and man.

Our mythical bronze sculptures for sale are cast, using the traditional lost wax process, and finished to each customer's order and checked before going out for professional packing and shipping which involves a wait of a few weeks before your sculpture arrives, but we are sure you will find the wait worthwhile!

If you see a bronze sculpture you like but would prefer a different colour we will be pleased to arrange this.

To place an order or get a shipping quotation for any of our bronze mythical figurines please use the shipping quotation or shipping calculator link towards the bottom of each bronze sculpture product page, also located on the top menu bar. If you would like any further information on any of the sculptures please feel free to contact us.

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Mythical Figurines and Statues

Bronze Pegasus Figurine
Bronze Pegasus Figurine
Small bronze figurine sculpture of Pegasus, the legendary flying horse, rearing up on his hind legs.

Ref: FG2312
9.5 x 19 x 25 cms high
Mythical Chinese Qilin
Mythical Chinese Qilin
Bronze statue of the horse-like Chinese Mythical Qilin, or Chinese Unicorn, considered as a good omen for prosperity or serenity.
Ref: FG2199
24 x 40 x 40 cms high
Mythical Thai Kinnaree
Mythical Thai Kinnaree
Sculpture of Kinnaree depicted in Thai mythology as half woman half swan, epitomizing feminine beauty, grace and accomplishment.
Ref: FG2117
37 x 80 x 176 cms high
Mythical Centaur Statue
Mythical Centaur Statue
Large sculpture of the fabled Centaur, half man half horse, shooting an arrow from his bow whilst rearing up on his hind legs.
Ref: FG0292
60 x 150 x 218 cms high
Winged Lady - Naked Man
Winged Lady - Naked Man
Bronze statue sculpture of a mythical winged lady carrying a naked man with his arms stretched out over her shoulders.
Ref: FG0152
40 x 45 x 94 cms high
Lady Holding Winged Man
Lady Holding Winged Man
Mythical bronze statue of a winged man, with bow and arrow, being held at his leg by an erotic naked lady kneeling on a rock.
Ref: FG0151
58 x 60 x 98 cms high
Winged Lady Holding Man
Winged Lady Holding Man
Bronze sensual and mythical sculpture of a naked winged lady and a naked man kneeling on a rock embracing each other.
Ref: FG0150
23 x 55 x 68 cms high
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