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Bronze Elephant Figurines and Statues

Bronze Elephant Figurines and Bronze Elephant Statues

- small and large elephants, African and Asian and including a wonderful family of 5 large elephant sculptures.

African or Asian elephant? What are the main differences? The African elephant is generally larger with a shoulder height of 3-4 metres and a weight of 4000-7000 kgs compared to the Asian elephants' 2-3.5 metres and 3000-5000 kgs, the African elephant also has larger ears. The Asian cow, female, elephant, unlike her African cousin, doesn't have tusks.

Although it is often considered that the African elephant is untrainable and not as docile as the Asian elephant this is a fallacy. In the Belgian Congo, during the early part of the last century, Indian mahouts were used to catch and train the African elephant which they did successfully. Nowadays safaris in Africa, with tourists riding on the back of African elephants, are becoming commonplace.

The genetic differences between the two species is such that they should not be able to interbreed although there was one instance of a cross-bred calf, Motty, born at Chester Zoo, England in 1978 to an Asian elephant, Sheba, and sired by an African, Jumbolina. Sadly Motty died after only 2 weeks.

Our elephant statues for sale are individually cast, using the traditional lost wax process, and finished to each customer's order and checked for before going out for professional packing and shipping which involves a wait of a few weeks before your sculpture arrives, but we are sure you will find the wait worthwhile!

If you see one of our bronze elephant figurines or bronze elephant statues you would like but would prefer it in a different colour finish we will be pleased to arrange this for you. Where bronze elephant statues are listed as a pair we can, apart from the very small sculptures, supply you with just one piece.

To place an order or get a shipping quotation for any of our sculptures please use the shipping quotation or shipping calculator link towards the bottom of each bronze sculpture product page, also located on the top menu bar. If you would like any further information on any of the sculptures please feel free to contact us.

Click on any of the photos below to see larger photos and prices of our elephant statues for sale.

Elephant Statues for Sale

African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running
Bronze sculpture of an African elephant running with his head and tusks tossed over to one side. Finished with polished gold colour tusks
Ref: AN0394
31 x 82 x 50 cms high
Bronze Elephant Family
Bronze Elephant Family
Sculptures of a family of 5 large elephant statues, great for a theme park or large garden. Individual statues can be supplied.
Ref: AN0367
94 to 208 cms high
Asian Bull Elephant Statue
Asian Bull Elephant Statue
Magnificent bronze statue sculpture of a majestic but gentle looking Asian bull elephant.

Ref: AN0348
40 x 85 x 64 cms high
Elephant Family Fountain
Elephant Family Fountain
Delightful bronze fountain sculpture of a family of elephants, 2 adults and 1 baby, lying down.
Ref: AN0285
58 x 75 x 78 cms high
Pair Elephant Statues
Pair Elephant Statues
Two superb sculptures of a pair of magnificent Asian elephants with polished gold colour tusks and their trunks swung up over their heads.
Ref: AN0270
60 x 158 x 127 cms high
Small Elephant Figurines
Small Elephant Figurines
Delightful pair of lovely bronze elephant figurines, one standing up, the other kneeling down.
Ref: AN0234
15 x 62 x 34 cms high
15 x 39 x 31 cms high
Black and Gold Elephants
Black and Gold Elephants
Fantastic sculptures of 2 elephants with trunks upraised and tusks and ears finished in polished gold colour.

Ref: AN0205
33 x 48 x 69 cms high
Large Elephant Statue
Large Elephant Statue
Terrific pair of large bronze elephant statues of 2 majestic bull elephants with their trunks upturned.

Ref: AN0148
72 x 174 x 177 cms high
Bull Elephant Figurines
Bull Elephant Figurines
Charming pair of bronze figurines of 2 small regal bull elephants with trunks and heads raised up.

Ref: AN0122
15 x 30 x 31 cms high
Elephant Sitting Up
Elephant Sitting Up
Cute bronze sculpture statue of an elephant sitting up “circus style” with his trunk curled upwards.

Ref: AN0121
32 x 50 x 80 cms high
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