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Bronze Dog Figurines and Statues

Bronze dog figurines and statue sculptures - basset hound, poodle, spaniel, dog begging and more.

Our dog statues for sale are individually cast, using the traditional lost wax process, and finished to each customer's order and then checked before going out for professional packing and shipping which involves a wait of a few weeks before your sculpture arrives, but we are sure you will find the wait worthwhile!

If you see a bronze sculpture you like but would prefer a different colour we will be pleased to arrange this for you.

To place an order or get a shipping quotation for any of our bronze dog figurines please use the shipping quotation or shipping calculator link towards the bottom of each bronze sculpture product page, also located on the top menu bar. If you would like any further information on any of the sculptures please feel free to contact us.

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Dog Statues and Dog Figurines

Bronze Greyhound Statues
Bronze Greyhound Statues
Great pair of life-sized dog sculptures of 2 beautiful, sleek greyhounds, dog and bitch.

Ref: AN0343
35 x 100 x 97 cms high
35 x 95 x 90 cms high
Bronze Corgi and Puppies
Bronze Corgi and Puppies
Lovely bronze dog figurine of a corgi lying down with her two small puppies.

Ref: AN0318
24 x 16 x 21 cms high
Bronze Poodle Statue
Bronze Poodle Statue
Gorgeous small bronze figurine sculpture of a sweet little poodle, with bells on its collar, lying down.

Ref: AN0314
17 x 34 x 21 cms high
Bronze Spaniel Statue
Bronze Spaniel Statue
Beautifully detailed bronze figurine sculpture of an adorable spaniel sitting up with his tongue out.

Ref: AN0310
24 x 26 x 33 cms high
Dog and Frog Fountain
Dog and Frog Fountain
Delightful bronze fountain sculpture of a dog and a frog looking at each other.

Ref: AN0276
28 x 41 x 46 cms high
Bronze Jack Russell
Bronze Jack Russell
Wonderful bronze figurine sculpture of a Jack Russell sitting up with his left front paw raised up.

Ref: AN0275
22 x 31 x 32 cms high
Dog Begging Statue
Dog Begging Statue
Delightful bronze dog statue of a dog standing up on his hind legs and begging.

Ref: AN0140

26 x 48 x 84 cms high
Dogs by a Tree Trunk
Dogs by a Tree Trunk
Charming bronze statue sculpture of two dogs, one sitting and one standing, next to a tree trunk.

Ref: AN0108
31 x 23 x 33 cms high
Basset Hound Sculpture
Basset Hound Sculpture
Adorable bronze dog statue of a sad looking Basset Hound sitting up.

Ref: AN0102

24 x 36 x 32 cms high
Bronze Sculpture Water garden