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Bronze Horse Sculpture

Bronze horse sculptures, bronze stallion sculptures and bronze horse figurines - all cast using the traditional lost wax process and hand-finished.

In most instances we cast and finish these sculptures to customer's specific orders so please allow 40-45 days for casting and finishing. As with all our bronze sculptures we can finish to a different colour if you wish, just let us know, once the finish is applied we will send you high resolution photos prior to packing and shipping, making any colour adjustments if required.

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Alternatively please contact us with the sculpture reference number and we will be pleased to advise on shipping.

Bronze Horse Sculptures - Horse Figurines

Bronze Horse Sculptures - Horse Figurines (see also Figurines & Statues - Equestrian)

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Bronze Horse Garden Sculpture Statue 

               *NEW SCULPTURE*

Bronze Horse Garden Statue Sculpture - AN0372

Width 50 cms. Length 180 cms. Height 180 cms.

Pair of Bronze Horse Sculptures 
Width 71 cms. Length 99 cms. Height 272 cms.

 Bronze Rearing Horse Sculpture - AN0352
Width 22 cms. Length 45 cms. Height 62 cms.

Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0347 
Width 80 cms. Length 240 cms. Height 204 cms.

 Large Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0332
Width 152 cms. Length 288 cms. Height 293 cms.

Large Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0316 
Width 91 cms. Length 185 cms. Height 231 cms.

 Bronze Rearing Horse Sculpture - AN0315
Width 25 cms. Length 45 cms. Height 42 cms.

 Bronze Pegasus Figurine Sculpture - AN0312
Width 9.5 cms. Length 19 cms. Height 25 cms.

Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0296 
Width 55 cms. Length 125 cms. Height 186 cms.

 Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0279
Width 66 cms. Length 148 cms. Height 160 cms.

 Bronze Horse Figurine - AN0269
Width 21 cms. Length 10 cms. Height 14 cms.

 Life Size Bronze Stallion Rearing Sculpture - AN0247
Width 74 cms. Length 245 cms. Height 268 cms.

Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0246 
Width 80 cms. Length 200 cms. Height 190 cms.

 Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0245
Width 50 cms. Length 194 cms. Height 164 cms.

Life Size Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0244 
Width 90 cms. Length 350 cms. Height 237 cms.

  Bronze Horse Figurine - AN0240
Width 13 cms. Length 35 cms. Height 26 cms.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0229
Width 15 cms. Length 66 cms. Height 43 cms.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0103
Width 19 cms. Length 52 cms. Height 31 cms. Weight 7.5 kgs.

 Bronze horse sculpture

Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0104L           

Width 22 cms. Length 32 cms. Height 28 cms. Weight 6.5 kgs.

Width 17 cms. Length 29 cms. Height 22 cms. Weight 4 kgs.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0123
Width 30 cms. Length 127 cms. Height 104 cms. Price per pair.

Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0124
Width 42 cms. Length 183 cms. Height 111 cms.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0139 Width 64 cms. Length 292 cms. Height 212 cms.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0147
Width 50 cms. Length 190 cms. Height 143 cms.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0150 Width 17 cms. Length 41 cms. Height 30 cms. Weight 6.5 kgs.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0151
Width 19 cms. Length 38 cms. Height 30 cms. Weight 4 kgs.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0164
Width 39 cms. Length 205 cms. Height 153 cms.

 Bronze rocking horse sculpture
Width 30 cms. Length 107 cms. Height 98 cms. Weight 48 kgs.

 Bronze Horse Sculpture - AN0183
Width 13 cms. Length 60 cms. Height 46 cms. Weight 7 kgs.

 Bronze Stallion Sculpture
Width 84 cms. Length 130 cms. Height 215 cms.

 Bronze Stallion Sculpture
Width 20 cms. Length 36 cms. Height 61 cms. Weight 9 kgs.

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